Fazenda invest and actively participate in companies in the food processing and supply , which are characterized by innovation and product diversification , invest in companies in agribusiness , distribution, logistics or marketing of agricultural always products processes companies as possible realize synergies growth and strengthening between the Fund , investors , companies aim of the Fund and other related .

Companies that invest in Fazenda are characterized by:

-Being small and medium enterprises models attractive and profitable business that require resources and, to be professionalized , achieving performance goals and facilitate growth .

-Being in a stage of development where the business model has already been tested, they are generating profits and have a potential for revenue growth and / or improved margins in pesos, at least, 200% in the following 5-7 years.

-Require strengthen their financial structure and / or management, institutionalization and / or order of the supply chain or distribution.

-Require better access and / or terms and conditions of the various sources of funding, either with banks or building development, commercial banking or equity.

-The combination of increases in sales, margins and changes in the financial structure enabling expect attractive returns on invested capital.

Invest in companies primarily in expansion stage and in some cases under development, related to the Agricultural and Agribusiness sector in Mexico.

Priority sectors primarily in companies that are preferably at levels II , III or IV of the agro processing or distribution , logistics or marketing of agricultural products, and enable profitable growth potentiate or benefit the rural sector.